Being a great basketball club starts with a fair and equitable approach to looking after our players, coaches, team managers, parents and committee members. This means a consistent and vigilant approach to compliance with our club guidelines that are underpinned by regulations derived from Basketball Victoria and MEBA. This provides us with a clear path of action in relation to administration of the club and a Code of Conduct for all.

For further detail please refer to the Basketball Victoria and MEBA websites.

Code of Conduct

Huntingtower Heat Basketball Club, as part of the Victorian junior domestic competition, supports the Basketball Victoria Code of Conduct for players, parents, officials and administrators.  Specific detail can be found under Committee, Playing for HT Heat and the Parents and Coaches section.

The full Code of Conduct is located at the Basketball Victoria website.

Fill-in players

MEBA regulations require that a minimum of 4 players from a team are present before the game can commence.  However, HT Heat aims to have a minimum of 6 players available for a game to ensure there is one substitute player.  At times, due to player illness or injury, or a school event, there may not be 6 regular players available and it may become necessary to use a fill-in player in order to avoid a forfeit.  The following guidelines are applied to the use of fill-in players:

  • Player must be registered with the club and a registration form can be completed immediately prior to the game.  Importantly, if the fill-in has played on a Saturday with another club in the MEBA competition in the previous two seasons, they must obtain a clearance from that club before they can play with HT Heat
  • Fill-in players can only be used casually when regular players are unavailable and must not play more than 50% of the season as a fill-in
  • Girls can only fill in for mixed or girls competitions – therefore can NOT fill in for boys teams from u12 age level and up
  • Where they are already playing in another HT Heat team:
    • They are not required to pay additional fees
    • They must be eligible to play “up” in the age group / grade in the team in which they will be filling-in in line with the MEBA regulations
    • Players can only play one game per age group in a round.  A Bye is counted as a round
    • Players can only fill-in for the age group above their regular age group until they are in U16 and then they can fill-in up to U23


If a team forfeits due to insufficient player numbers / player availability, the team manager will deduct the forfeit fee from the Team Sheet fees and forward to the treasurer for payment of the MEBA penalty invoice.

Club contact with MEBA

To ensure consistency of information and full disclosure, all contact with MEBA must always occur through the club nominated MEBA representative.

Working with Children Checks

Working with Children Checks (WWCC) must be completed by all Committee Members, Team Managers and Coaches over 18 years of age.  There are a small number of professions, such as registered Teachers and members of the Police Force, who are exempt from the WWCC due to a higher level of vigilance associated with their employment.  Further information, plus the on-line application form, is available at the Working with Children website.

WWCC are free of charge where the Check is to be used in a volunteer role.  WWCC may be obtained using the following process:

  • Completion of the form online
  • Print and take to a participating Post Office (hard copies of the form are also available at the Post Office)
  • They will take a photo and complete the application process and submit

They will provide a provisional number at the time of submission and this should be supplied to the Club.  The official WWCC card will be issued in approximately 6 weeks.  The WWCC number and expiry date must be provided to the Club.