Team Selection

The optimal number of players are 7-8 players in a team.

To enable recruitment of new players, flexibility is needed in team numbers.  This allows for a build up in one season with the possible expansion to have a new team in the next season.  Where the team number is proposed to be outside the range of 6-8, the coach will be consulted.

Principles guiding allocation of players to a team

There are many considerations when allocating players to a team that includes, but is not limited to:

  • Player age – aligning players by age enables us to try to keep groups of players together as they move through the age ranges
  • Skill level – many players enjoy being able to play sport at a level where they feel they can be the best that they can be.  Placing players in a team of similar ability provides them with the opportunity to play as an integral part of a well balanced team
  • Friendship group – it is clear that players enjoy playing with their friends and is an important part of why kids play sport
  • Team Composition – as with any team sport, there is a need for a diversity of roles from the fast moving smaller point guard to the tall centre

Team selection is a complex activity that tries to balance team numbers across the age group, whilst trying to support players in skill development and facilitate a cohesive team and, most importantly, ensure that they have fun.

Teams are released in the week following the Grand Final of the previous season, which is usually the last week of term.

For Team Lists go to the Team lists page.