President – Maria Harvey

  • Leadership / Relationship Management (inc. Huntingtower)
  • Chair Meetings
  • Child Safety Officer

Vice-President – Jenny Zeuschner

  • Back-up chair for committee meetings
  • Assist President with initiatives as required

Secretary – Michelle Taylor/Shamini Yuvar

  • Prepare agendas / take minutes (all meetings including AGM)
  • Receives correspondence / emails and forwards / responds as appropriate

Treasurer – Jessica Chen

  • Arranges payment of invoices
  • Maintains & reports on accounts
  • Maintain a register of current signatories

Registrar – Eugene Chen/Cheryl Saldanha

  • Prepares Registration Form
  • Receives registration forms and fees and banks monies
  • Collates and maintains player registrations & database
  • Assists with the administration associated with team selection
  • Lodges team registrations with MEBA
  • Initiates WWCC for all new coaches, team managers & committee members

Coaching Co-Ordinator – Chhavi Budhiraja/Angela Li

  • Work with team selection group to recruit / allocate players & coaches
  • Provides orientation to all new coaches and arranges development as required
  • Ensures distribution of coaches passes at commencement of season
  • Identifies coaches who are not continuing

MEBA Liason – John Bu

  • MEBA Liaison
    • Primary operational point of contact with MEBA
      • Receives email communication from MEBA and forwards / responds
      • Provides information from club to MEBA
      • Monitors Basketball Victoria / MEBA requirements
    • Attends MEBA meetings / advocates on behalf of club
    • Provides contact information to MEBA for Coaches passes

Coaching Support – Gavin Cheung/Marco Tang

  • Liaises with coaches and Coaching Co-Ordinators to ensure appropriate gym allocation for training
  • Distributes coaching equipment requirements
  • Manages gym keys
  • Conduct Coaching Clinics
  • Support Coaches that want extra assistance

Team Manager Liaison – John Bu/Ken Zhang

  • Assists in recruitment of Team Managers
  • Provides Team Manager with all required information at the commencement of each season
  • Identifies any new Team Managers who require additional support and arranges as appropriate
  • Maintains regular contact with Team Managers to facilitate support as required

Compliance Officer – Emma Dernelley

  • Ensures all Team Managers, Coaches and Committee Members hold a current WWCC

Player Selection Officer – Tina Kolivas/Akshay Kariya

  • Heads the team selection committee
  • Organises team lists and assists in Coach recruitment


Marketing & Social Media – Vicky Lombardi

  • Prepares promotional material as required inc school newsletter
  • Social Media Management


Marketing & Communication – Eugene Chen

  • Website Management
    • Monitors and updates website content
    • Maintains Website

Uniforms – Lisa Lee

  • Receives enquiries & collates orders for new uniforms
  • Maintains a uniform number register to minimise the incidence of clashes
  • Maintains a supply of loan uniforms

Recruitment / Coordination – Anne Lin/Lisha Ma

  • Seeks recruitment opportunities & provides contact point for recruitment enquiries
  • Makes contact with all new recruits to welcome / inform what they need to do
  • Work with team selection group to recruit / allocate players

Trophies – Nav Rewal

  • Collects trophy recipients and orders trophies for presentation night.

General Members –

  • Sundar Lyer
  • James Kew
  • Sook Kew
  • Sanj Ambaauaner
  • Shamini Yuvar