Registration Winter 2022

2022 Winter Season Registration

Winter 2022 registration for the Saturday competition is now open & will close at the end of February. If you are wanting to enter a midweek team (Monday for girls and Friday nights for boys) please contact the club via website. Monday and Friday night teams must come complete with coach and team manager in place.  Registration for the winter season is $290. To register please follow this link 2022 Winter Season

Please note that a significant change is happening with our registration and team formulation process.

  We will no longer be making amendments to teams once they are published. We can no longer move players because of training clashes or friendship requests not being met. We will endeavour to place every player in a team with an appropriate training time that matches any commitments we are advised of during the registration process however we cannot guarantee being able to meet all requests.   Once teams are published if you choose to withdraw for any reason then refunds will be processed as follows:

  • The Fee for Playing the Summer season is $300. The Fee includes registration fee, team sheets and entry to the stadium.
  • Prior to Season Commencement –  there will only be a 50% refund ($150.00) refund payment to you will be $150.00
  • Once the Season has Commenced – the fee will be 50% ($150.00) less $12.00 per round i.e. player withdraws post round 1 the refund will be $150.00 less $12.00 which is $138.00.

As a guide to training times, these may vary due to coach availability:

  • U8s tend to start 4pm very rarely teams will commence at 5pm. Training days are usually Tuesdays or Thursdays very rarely on a Monday.
  • U10s tend to start at 5pm or 6pm, days vary
  • U12s tend to start at 6pm or 7pm, days vary
  • U14s tend to start between 6pm & 8pm, days vary 
  • U16s tend to start at 7pm or 8pm, days vary 
  • U18s tend to start at 8pm, days vary     

Please note that some Monday groups start on the hour the others start on the 1/2 hour.  

Games are compulsory and teams that forfeit games due to lack of numbers will be fined by the Association (min $100.00 per team). 

  The season starts Round 1 April 24th with the Grand Final being played on October 18th, with no games played on the following two dates ONLY June 12th and July 3rd.   The following are game time guides:

  • U8 – Start at 8am usually no later than 11am
  • U10 – Start at 8am some games can be scheduled as late as 1pm
  • U12 – Start at 845am some games can be scheduled as late as 2pm
  • U14 – Start at 11am some games can be scheduled as late as 245pm
  • U16 – Start at 2pm some games can be scheduled as late as 8pm
  • U18 – Start at 330pm and  games can be scheduled as late as 8pm

To find a list of  venues used by the Association please follow this link to their page from time to time other venues not listed may be used: Venues

  All players must supply their own ball for all midweek training sessions:

  • U8 players use a size 5; 
  • all girls teams & boys U10, 12 & 14 use a size 6; & 
  • boys U16 & 18 use a size 7 ball. 

By submitting your player information via the following link you are acknowledging and accepting the information contained within this email. 

2021/22 Saturday Summer Registration