Huntingtower Heat Excellence Award

The Huntingtower Excellence Award

The Excellence Award is granted on rare occasions to a club member who demonstrates excellence and an overarching commitment to the club, through playing and leadership on the court and off the court.

Selection criteria

A player who individually:

  • Has a will and desire to improve
  • Has strong fundamental skills
  • And has a very high level of commitment to the game and to the club

This player also demonstrates leadership, within a team environment through:

  • Leading by example (rather than just by words) in games and at practice
  • Having a strong influence on the attitudes and behaviours of teammates, in reinforcing the need to listen and improve
  • Encouraging and supportive of teammates
  • Leadership for the club outside of the team

Award details:

  • The Excellence Award may or may not be awarded in any particular season
  • The awarded receive a trophy and a small gift, and have their name added to a perpetual club honour board. There is no financial component.
  • More than one individual may be awarded if the criteria are met by each when considered separately
  • Candidates will be nominated by coaches or committee members at the end of each season and before the presentation night
  • A recipient may only be awarded the Excellence Award once
  • The team selection committee will select the recipients from the nominated candidates

Winners of the Excellence Award

Winter 2013 Brandon Griffiths

Summer 2013/14 Emma Davies

Winter 2014 Grace Barelier

Summer 2014/15 Saje Phillips-Snowden

Summer 2016/17 Siobhan Selvarajoo

Winter 2018 Abbey Russell

Summer 2020/21 Ben Hardcastle

Summer 2020/21 Marlo Van De Waterbeemd